Meet the team

Thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund, we now have the resources available to help us support a range of woodland maintenance and community engagement activities, including two core staff:

Nev Kilkenny – Managing the woods and leading volunteer activities
Jill Hyslop – Supporting community engagement and admin

Jill has lived in Gifford for nearly 16 years and loves spending time with her family in the beautiful community woodlands.  Jill’s background is in publishing and she is also currently the Secretary of Gifford Community Council.  


This year, our Trustees are:

Roo Hardy

Since moving to Gifford in 2012 the woods have always been part of village life for Roo and her family. She has been involved in the project since it’s beginning, helping develop the funding bid that allowed us to bring the woodland into community ownership.  Roo is an experienced charity manager and keen to ensure that we make our woods a true community initiative that remains an asset to our village for generations to come. Roo is the Chair of Gifford Community Woodland.

Ian Watson

Having moved to the village in 2017 Ian met many friends and neighbours through spending time in the woods.  He’s a regular volunteer helping maintain the woodland and has joined as a trustee and taken on the role of treasurer.

Adam White

Adam has lived near the woods for the last 40 years and Adams children and grandchildren have all enjoyed the fantastic woodland over that time.  Adam has served as Chair on the project, overseeing the all ability path network and the introduction of our regular giving scheme, helping safeguard the woods for future generations.  Adam also provides our link to the Community Council.

Vi Monelle

Vi loves our woodland and walks there daily. She finds the woods a pure joy and considers them a precious feature of her life.  She’s passionate that this project is a whole community initiative and that everyone in our community feels a sense of ownership for this special place.

Graeme Davies

Graeme neighbours the woods and he and his family enjoy it regularly.  With a communications and marketing background, Graeme has already contributed to the project over the last few years, helping us get news and information out to the community.  As an experienced charity trustee Graeme has now joined our board to help oversee our community woodland.

Roger Wilson

Roger moved to Gifford in 2016 and, living adjacent with the woods and with two dogs, is often to be found walking in them.  Roger’s background is in HR and he uses his experiences as a trustee leading on people and policies. 

Serena Thursz

Serena has neighboured the woods for 20 years.  Her family all regularly enjoy the woodland and her son completed much of his Duke of Edinburgh Award in the woods. Serena’s passion for the woods is conservation but is also keen to see that the woods support the well-being of our community and is excited about the opportunities for lifelong learning that the woods provide.