Gifford Community Woodland has a wide range of tree species and ages. The woods are mainly ancient broadleaved trees that are vital for conservation and biodiversity.

Our woodland provides a rich habitat for numerous species of fungi, insects, mammals, birds, and flowering plants. Check out this brilliant footage captured by local mammal recorder Graham Checkley, of some of the overnight residents of the woods:

Biodiversity audits

A fungi survey was undertaken in 2017, recording over 100 species. The woods are home to an extensive and ever increasing list of fungi, including one priority conservation species, Geastrum triplex (Scottish Biodiversity list).

Experts on birds, moths, bats and large mammals have also surveyed the woodland. The woods are home to 188 species of moth, including September Thorn, Dotted Carpet, Figure of 80, Lilac Beauty and Early Tooth-stripe. 8 species of large mammal have been recorded in the woodland, 3 species of bats and 20 species of molluscs!

A bryophyte and lichen survey commenced in 2018. 63 lichens and 35 mosses and liverworts have been recorded to date.

Wildlife events

We’re planning a series of community wildlife events in the woods such as moth and bat walks, lichen trails, animal tracks and signs, fungi forays, and more. See the Events page for details.

Last spotted in the woods

We’d love your help in keeping track of wildlife sightings in the woods. Let us know what you’ve spotted on your walks and we’ll post it here. Share your photos and tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #lastspottedingiffordwoods