Suggest a Community-Led Initiative

Whilst the Trustees carry the responsibility of managing the woodland, we are very clear that the woodland management programme should be driven by what the wider Gifford community need and want from the woods.

A picture by Sarah of the proposed fruit trees initiative

The community shares the responsibility to deliver the projects that they would like. This year, we’ve been working on a fair and transparent process for people within the community with ideas for the woods to take them forward. The start point is a simple form and conversation with volunteers already involved in looking after the woodland.

We need to know that ideas:

  • Fit with the aims of our woods
  • Will benefit our community
  • Has support from the community

We then need to consider:

  • Potential risks to the woods or us as an charity
  • Resources required (like people or funds)
  • Implications for long term sustainability

Trustees then consider whether the idea is something to pursue and how volunteers already experienced in managing the woods, alongside Nev and Onie, can support you to deliver your idea.

So if you have an idea, please get in touch.

Find out more about the current proposed community initiatives here.