Wood fuel

We are always careful to leave some dead or felled trees in the woods as they create wonderful habitats for a wide range of species. However, it is also important that we leave enough space around growing trees to ensure that they get enough light to thrive, and to encourage a rich and diverse understory.

We have too many diseased and unsafe trees in our woodland to leave them all for dead wood habitat. For example, many of the sycamore and ash trees are diseased. Excess dead wood is processed into firewood, which is then sold to local residents, which helps raise funds to support the ongoing management of the wood.

First, the felled trees are cut into rounds with a chainsaw. The rounds are then chopped with an axe into logs. Nev, Paul and key volunteers, who have completed our chainsaw and axe training, help us process excess dead wood.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering to help process dead wood into firewood, please see our volunteering activities.