Update from the Open Woodland Meeting

Thanks to everyone who joined us on Monday for the quarterly Open Woodland Meeting. It was great to see you all and hear your thoughts on the upcoming plans. Thank you also to the staff at the Bowling Club for hosting the relaxed setting.

We had an efficient, productive and upbeat meeting. Roo gave an update on the outcomes of the previous Trustees meeting and actions from the previous meeting including an update on the creation of the new wildlife pond in the wood. Nev updated everyone on the woods activities such as rhododendron clearance progress, removal of windblown trees and drainage works.

We updated everyone on the exciting links being made with Yester Primary school and Forest Schools. As well as providing updates on all community engagement activities. And we asked everyone to give feedback on which adult learning events they would like us to prioritise when planning for the next quarters.

Some attendees also expressed an interest in helping to host volunteer activities in the woods, support with fundraising events, assist the communcations team in the delivery of the newsletter and promotional work, support Forest School and youth group activities, help out with the community-led fruit trees project, as well as training to become a Gifford Community Woodland Volunteer Leader.

We’d love to hear from the wider members of Gifford community too!

If you have an interest in helping to care for Gifford Community Woodland, please take part in this short survey by 31st March. Thank you!

Take the survey

Browse the documents relating to the February Open Woodland Meeting here:

Minutes of February 2022 Open Woodland Meeting

See Woods Report here

See Community Engagement Summary here

As ever, do get in touch if you’d like to get involved. Thank you!

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